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Perfroming Arts

Bunker and Old Power Station

The Ljubljana Power Station is a remarkable testament to industrial architecture in Slovenia.

Built in 1898, the Old Power Station – ‘Stara Elektrarna’ is a magnificent technical monument that has undergone numerous modifications, upgrades, and enlargements over the years. Initially serving as the capital city’s first power plant, it supplied electricity until the 1940s when it was replaced by a more advanced heating plant.


However, parts of the power station were revived in the 1960s and today, it continues to generate a third of the city’s electricity. But its purpose extends beyond mere functionality: it has transformed into a vibrant hub for the performing arts in Slovenia, providing an authentic industrial backdrop.


In the 1980s, artists began utilizing the unused spaces within the power station to showcase their work. Recognizing its potential, the Ministry of Culture initiated renovations in 1998 to enhance these areas for artistic endeavours. In 2004, the city entrusted Bunker, a nonprofit performing arts organization, with the management of these spaces, addressing the scarcity of rehearsal venues in the area.


Today, the power station is divided into three sections: rehearsals and residencies, educational workshops and seminars, and performances. It serves as a platform for theatre and dance productions, concerts, and various events, all set against a captivating industrial backdrop.


A smaller section of the plant has been transformed into a museum, where visitors can still see a part of the chimney, turbines and some of the remaining, original instruments for monitoring coal exhaust.


Programme and Tickets

Bunker and Stara Elektrarna | Slomškova ulica 16


Guided Tours: Prior appointment via or 00386 1 231 44 92

Tickets: Purchase is possible an hour before the event at the box office of the Old Power Station – Elektro Ljubljana. Tickets for some performances can be bought online through the platform OLAII ( and at their selling points at OMV and Trafika3DVA.


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